Thursday, April 9, 2009


Lord KNOWS I don't like Karina Paisain (idk if that's how you spell her last name). She strikingly resembles a chick that my ex was fuckin with during our "break." So I have some petty hate in my blood when it comes to her. But as you should know by now, music will make me put aside my little criticisms if it's good. *Shit I hate Ciara too but best believe I will bump Never Ever like it's the last song in the world.

So here's Karina's cover of Beyonce's Halo. And, dare I say, she sings it better! I think she has alot more emotion when she's singing and... it's just raw.. See for yourself!

Imagine if this was studio recorded! OWW!


supreme. said...

yeah, she killed that shit.

My World said...

Girl,you got loads of interests.....
She really nailed it..