Monday, April 13, 2009

crazy weekend wrap up.

Here tonight could be gone tomorrow,
so I speed through life like it's no tomorrow!

-Jim Jones

Aydins lounge with Vanessa, Tang & Spliff(= instant VIP, no lines & Grey Goose + 'Tron on deck which is always lovely) Red Cafe was performing, also DJ Envy was there and the groupies were on their shit tonight. It's crazy what people will do when "famous" people are around. It makes me wonder what people would do in the company of Jay Z or TI or something. Anyways chicks were hating on us from the door cuz we came with Spliff but I'm not off that shit. I kept my distance.

I couldn't find my cam so I took no pics and I was on the prowl so I tried to stay out of alot of pics but I did take one with my girls for old times sake.
I'm far right & my dumb self looked @ the flash not the camera.

I got back around 3 something, had some wack, non-memorable sex with D around 4, he spent the night and that was that.

Spent the early afternoon with the fam :] Then I was supposed to meet X @ the mall but he was around the way so he came and scooped me and sparked up 2 L's for us to share for the ride to the mall. We ate @ the mall then went to pick Prince up so he could ride with him back to my house. Hhahaa.. X's high ass is running reds all the way there and we get pulled over smelling like straight ballyyyy. NEXT THING I KNOWWW 4 cop cars are behind us and they end up letting us go cuz X's fathers a state trooper and all that jazz.

Then I go back home, high as hell, just to pick my car off and went to some hood ass house party, which I left 15 min later. Too many hood niggas there and this one nigga was in my fuckin face. I wasn't feeling that shit so I went to Mickey D's to get food for the fam and got back in around 12.

I woke up to my cousin gnawing and licking on my face from between the covers. I fucking kid you not!!! Idk WHY or WTF he was on but... that was so "cousin-ish" (the term I created in '05 to describe the almost incestuous shit that people do with their cousins. ie. sit on their laps.)

Bullshitted with the fam during the day them went to Livingston Mall, and Jersey Gardens Mall(I sincerely hate this mall though) to buy shit.

Picked up Vanessa and met up with X @ some party in Perth Amboy that was actually poppin. This nigga greeted me with L :) Then we chilled and drank. He introduced me to alot of his friends which I thought was hella cute. And his bestfriend was like "Oh I've heard of you." Which made all warm inside because that says alot.

We got fuckin TOSSEDDD there then Me, Vanessa, X, Kawanna, Taj, Jay and Derrick all followed eachother to another party in NB, that shit was wack but I was high so shit was hilarious.

Speeding down the highway, blasting my g-shit when I'm in the zone, off some sour, personifies the good life.

EASTERR! Me and my fam aren't really church-goers so we skipped the church part. I woke up, hotboxed with TJ and EJ (my cousins) and EJ's girl, and then we went to my gmas house. Rum and cokes on deck. Ate a plate of THE BEST FUCKING FOOD! (Anything with my gmas gravy on tastes good.. Act like ya know!)

Then I picked up Vanessa and made my way back to school.

Then we got a random smoke out request from Landry so we hotboxed with this nigga and now I'm just feeling so calm.

I must say, this was a bangin wknd.

-- I couldn't quit smoking even if I wanted too. Everybody always wants to smoke me out!
-- I think I have a crush on X. (Not just from this wknds events, we have a history since 9th grade)
-- I love my grandma's gravy.
-- I'm over D with his boring dick game and dry personality.
-- When I'm high my life's like a fucking movie. It's weird and I love it.

Toodles, noodles<3

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