Thursday, February 19, 2009

veinte y cinco cosas.

(I think that's how you spell it)

So there was huge fbook 25 things craze a couple weeks ago and I fell in love with reading ppls 25 things. And you cannot tell me that making (3) 25 things is not perfectly normal.

EhhHemmm.. 25 things pt. 3:

1. I DO NOT know how to keep my room clean for my life.

2. I steal magazines from the nail place almost every time I go... shiittt.. they don't need ALL them!

3. I am deathly afraid of birds and will trample over your grandma in her walker to get away from one.

4. I carry around at least 3 forms of electronics at all times (my digicam, my Sidekick Slide and my Sprint, Muzic phone) and I drop all of them throughout the day repeatedly.

5. I know how to cook REALLY WELL & I watch hella cooking shows, but I hate cooking.

6. I was with my ex for 2.5 yrs and we were planning on getting engaged and getting an apt with each other by this yr. Too bad I broke up with him LAST March.

7. I used to want to be a lawyer because I could envision myself wearing fly ass pencil skirts to work... mind you I was 9.

8. OH and when I was 13 I asked my mom why there's no such thing as open-toe BOOTS and lo and behold 5 yrs later......

9. I am a tv/pop culture junkie and I know wayyy to much about the lives of celebrities.

10. When I was younger my mom would punish me and tell me to go in my room ".. And don't read ANY books!" I loved reading as a child.

11. I have dog-like smelling senses and I know what EVERYTHING smells like.

12. I'm allergic to life (pollen, dust, animals, mold, trees, harsh fragrances, raw fruits/vegetables). And if you ever wanna see me at my UGLIEST run up on me in the middle of April during the day time.

13. I know how to manipulate any situation to my benefit. And that's one of the things I thank God for when I remember to pray.

14. I am a crazy/weird ass bitch but what's worse, boring or weird? you choose =]

15. I live by the G-code. Money over bitches, we don't love them hoes. (And if you're a slide we will NEVER be friends, don't even wave at me, and you should be shunned by society. Aint gonna be no guilty by association shit over HERE my nigga)

16. I know way too much shit about retail and fashion yet I will wear the same outfit everyday if I could (Zip up hoodie, V-neck white tee, skinnies & Uggs OR Gap sweats.. sorry but that shit is comfortable)

17. I hate people who have this weird over-confidence like "I'm the shit." Like.. are you SHITTING ME? People who take themselves so serious are laughable.

18. I have an obnoxious clear bubble umbrella that has pink flowers on it and everyone KNOWS it's me under there.

19. I used to have serious criminal thoughts about my mother when I was younger because I thought she was the evilest bitch ever!

20. I love her now though<3 (most of the time)

21. I'm "just black" and I'm a hater of people who have a real ethnicity.

22. I have an obsession with washing my hands.. but I'm not a germaphobe even. It's just my hands MUST be clean.

23. My car's name is Silverberry (but she's white) aka "My lil powdered munchkin'."

24. I'm a stickler about grammar/spelling and I will break your thumbs if you text me and you type like an asshole. (Not incl. AIM/txt lingo though)

25. I have no shame about how I look in pics & I put them ALL up! =] whooo caressS?

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[Kvn]. aka AlexP. said...

ok, it appears you've brainjacked me a total of 12 times...smh...thief.
i'll let it slide though, seeing as there's really nothing i can i'ma go write up a virus or ha, i'm geekin.

1. i've just about stopped trying to keep it so. i think it's just a missing gene in some people
3. there's this big-ass flock of black birds in the area that i once ran into oncoming traffic to get away from.
4. samsung juke, psp, digicam. only i don't have a purse so i always look hip-y. i need bigger pockets.
5. say hello to the Black Emeril...who only cooks a few times a week, less if he can help it.
9. i do that too, only i include random, out-of-the-spotlight celebrities. seriously, i was just checking out maura tierney on wikipedia.
10. ok this one really made my head spin cuz my mom LITERALLY said the same thing. mind you, this was during the harry potter years...she knew what she was doing.
12. also made my head spin, i went to an allergist(idk if that's right), and the list of allergens was just GLOWING with highlighted shit that could kill me. i'm allergic to georgia.
16. ecko/rocawear hoodie, a wal-mart t-shirt with something witty on it, some stonewashed denims, and my nike slip-ins would be my everyday outfit if i were a cartoon character.
21. lol, i was like that too...then i found out i was also german and irish...:/
22. hi my name is Alex and i'm a purell junkie.
23. my car's name is irrelevant because my mom's ex-boyfriend had to take it back because his new one kicked the bucket...*tear* was blue.
24. i do that too...even with instructors. they always get mad cuz i'm right. o fucking well. should've got it right mr./ms. "i have a college degree"

gee-freaking-whizz i wrote a lot for a comment. kudos if you actually read through all of that. i realized it was kinda excessive about 3/4 through...of course by then it was too late. hm, just gonna stop now.