Friday, February 20, 2009

bitch, i'm the oracle.

foreshadow- Pronunciation:
transitive verb

: to represent, indicate, or typify beforehand

*** In the land of all things bandwagon... AUBREY "DRIZZY/DRAKE" GRAHAM is gonna get played out.

Ex. MIA "fans" who "had her shit on their ipod before 'Swagga Like Us'" BAhahahahaaa! Name me a song besides Paper Planes then?

"I been feelin that nigga since 'Replacement Girl'" is gonna be the most overused, Drake referencing phrase for the future of his career.

That is all.


A.R. said...

i'm not gonnga lie, i just started fuckin' with drake, but i got on him with comeback season, now that so far gone is out, i'm sort of liking it.

lalallaliyah said...

understood adina.. bc obviously he's popular now and with exposure comes more listeners & all that. but the main reason i even posted this was bc my friend justin told me he HATED him.. a yr ago and now he's quoting drake in his away msg. like cmon nowww!