Thursday, February 19, 2009

what would you do with a klondike bar?

Does anybody remember that commercial?

Well I was chiefin a lil while ago and now I'm about to hit the bed.

Since the cyph I tried to
a. fly
c. rap.
d. make up plot ideas for a "scary movie"
incl. a baby balooga/'daddy i love you' scene where you stare into the mirror and look at your daddy

sidebar: some guy is really creepily singing something about "Little Miss Perfect" bc i's on this show called ummm.. idk but it's about kid pageants.

e. contemplate eating tacos.. i decided not to =\

And this nigga I talk to is telling me how he got kicked out of his house and he has no family to take him in and now he has to find a place to stay and a job. I think he's staying @ his friend's place right now but you know warm welcomes fade & shit. =[ SMH!! But it's wayyy too much for me to take in now cuz I'm bodied but I feel really bad.

UGh.. work tmrw. I should be sleeping.. toodles.



Life Is A Beautiful Struggle said...

ahhhh 90's commercials were the best!! Miss em' =(

A.R. said...

lol, aliyah's a weed head.