Tuesday, February 24, 2009

random pet peeve

Public Bathrooms

Ok so like I said, I'm not a germaphobe or whatever, but I have a thing with public bathrooms. I have a really strong sense of smell.. to the point where I can even tell if someone is on their period (It's really weird, I know. And it's sort of a blessing and a curse.. Well more of a curse.) I really think I was a dog in my past life or something.

Anyways though I CANNOT STAND the tart ass smell of other people's pee! It's like some people don't EVER drink water and I find myself gagging when I use public bathrooms more often than not.

Secondly, I have a thing with wetness when I don't know where it's from. Or just excess wetness period. Like if the bathroom floor is wet.. especially around the toilet area where the bottom of my jeans could get wet, I will not go and I will hold my pee until tomorrow.

Third thing, stray hairs bug me.

Lastly... my obsession with washing my hands/my hands being clean is ridic.

Ugh. I need rehab.

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Anonymous said...

OMG I did post yesterday stating how I hate to see stray pieces of hair in the bathroom, it is disgusting, & it drives me INSANE. And secondly I hate public restrooms, theres always water all over the sink, always a stinch of some bad coochie, you are NOT alone. I refuse to use the restroom in a public place unless I really have to go, I even hate to use it @ work.