Sunday, February 22, 2009

weekly obsessions and confessions

week of february 16, 2009-february 22, 2009:

- Wild cherry Capri Sun

- Passion Fruit body butter

- Sweeping

- Coconut milk bubble tea

- My job (the office one not the wack calling one.) * A bunch of over the hill women in wigs talking about the Chris Brown + Rihanna situation ; A supervisor who tells me to "alphabetize this S L O W L Y, you work too fast!" ; A crew of people who love to bring in things like big ass canisters of party mix ; Another supervisor who gives me this job "Can you plz put these pictures on my corkboard and make it prettier?" * LOL easiest job EVERRRR!

- My Hello Kitty card from Bank of America

- FitTV

- Dark nail polish (I think I'm in a depression period)

- No make up. i've been going au natural alot lately.

- Diner cheeseburgers

- I SO have not been following my "diet" and I haven't done 1 crunch in a week and a half, let alone 500!

- I change my away msg at least 4 times a day and I almost ALWAYS have one up


A.R. said...

i need to go on a diet, lol.

just jaleesa. said...

i wish i had your job!