Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Well since they all fall in my Palm I'll take a Treo.

It's upgrade season again. I need to know what kind of new phoneee to get. I still have wack ass Sprint but I think it's time for me to sell my sidekick too because I'm sick of having two phones.

Not only is it
a. obnoxious
b. people always have annoying questions to ask like "What you need 2 phones for?" and then proceed to insinuate that I sell drugs or I use one number to have niggas call me and the other for like personal calls or whatever.. idk.
OR people say "OH you got 2 phones, you think you balllinnn?!" Ehh no! My mom pays one bill.
c. two phones are really hard to keep up with when I'm drunk.

So lemme knowww:

Should I get the pretty purple LG Lotus?

or the very functional & "business-like" Blackberry Curve?
(and if so, what color?)

Should I get the sleek, touchscreen Samsung Instinct?
Idk I don't really want a phone that's ONLY touchscreen. =/

How about the cutee cuteee Motorola Q9c?

Or the Samsung Ace?
Pro: I like it.
Con: There's no GPS and that's kind of a MAJOR issue.

And, last but not least.. the Palm Treo 755p?

I NEED HELP GUYSSS! Any suggestions?! And the Curve is sort of my default, fallback phone BTW.


[Kvn]. aka AlexP. said...

i think i'd go for the curve...in red. none of the others are really jumping at me...besides the instinct...but that's touch screen only and that kinda throws me off too.

wowsers...how 'bout the lil robot-catcher thing says "fixacoq"...fix...a...coq...i mean yea it's a stretch but i think they did that on purpose...hm...stll funny tho. lol, i'm so mature.

Anonymous said...

I like the LG Lotus, I was looking @ it the other day in the store, & I fell in love w it.

A.R. said...

i say the instinct 'cause i have the lg dare & they're basically the same. and i'm so in love with it, so i'm guessing you'll like it too.

princessvalecia said...

I'm stuck between the blackberry curve, the iphone, or the sidekick who knows sorry I cant help LOL I'm lost too

Anonymous said...

blackberry curve 8900 [look it up]

lalallaliyah said...

adina -- someone just told me the instinct freezes alot and for someone who manages to drop my phone every other day i don't think it's gonna work

anon. -- sprint doesn't have that =[ and mommy pays the bill so i just can't.

now it's pretty much a toss up btwn the curve, the Q 9c or the treo.