Saturday, January 24, 2009

jeremy scott and juicy

Jeremy Scott, a designer who is very well known for his original "shutter shades" that Kanye popularized, and his graphical and kitchy designs such as these:

He's collaborated with Adidas [Jeremy Scott x Adidas] and is emerging sporty-chic gear that looks hot. I'd definitely go to the gym more if i was dressed like this.

Set to drop Feb 1, '09

Furthermore: seems to ruin people's reputations 'round here. It's kinda sad to see because people should be allowed to do what they do in their privacy and some people are just getting slayedddd for the hell of it. But some people deserve to know that they are trifling when they steal ppls men, or the girls that need to know that their bf's are cheating on them. But the fact that it's completely anonymous is giving some of these punk ass people the ability to talk smack from behind the computer screen. SMH!

Go check it out. Maybe you're on there! lol

And I'm out. I'll leave you with this...

Poor thing.


[Kvn]. said...

those kicks are FLY. literally.

and wtf's up with Kanye Mullet showin up all over the net? i'm like "slow down joe, ya killin 'em".

looks like the don's in a ditch nowadays.


A.R. said...

i'm in love with kanye but i'm really about to divorce his depressed ass. =/

lalallaliyah said...

lol yes adina, you and me both. i can't even deal with all this foolishness.