Sunday, January 25, 2009

My half birthday was on Nov. 16th

And I didn't celebrate because there was something mucho importante happening on that date that I can't remember now but I know I was HIGHLY upset that I didn't celebrate.

I wanted cupcakes from Maggie Moo's. they have these BANGIN cupcakes that have chocolate cake on the bottom, chocolate icecream, marshmallow filling and chocolate ganache on top MM MMMMM mmmmMM! Those are the best.

But maybe it's better that my 1/2 bday passed because I'm on a diet and really don't need that damn ice cream cupcake.

But! Here's what my ideal bday looks like. Who wants to celebrate?

my ideal birthday
my ideal birthday - by liyatpolyvo on

It's past my bed time now (it's 2:30 am) and I have HOMEWORK to do tmrw. Lol I feel so smart saying that seeing as I NEVER do hw.


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diplomatikk said...

hah. i was never too into homework either.