Friday, January 9, 2009

hhhot shitttt.

I am LOVING the video for Freeze (T Pain ft. Chris Brown). I really really like all the graphics and colors and technologic shit they got going on in the music vid. I definitely feel like this will be one of the better videos of the year depending on what the artists deliver in the 2nd quarter when most of the albums are set to drop.

BUT! I really, REALLY wish T Pain would like not dance, ever. This nigga blows mines! Like a HATE HATE to see him move LOL! And he always does some fruity ass poplock move.. ew ew!

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[Kvn]. said...

lol @ the t-pain dancing part. pain be gettin in...funny as hell to watch though. and WOW i've been waiting for that video to come out for the longest. they did a really good job with it. it's like each video is a step up from the last. though i still like chopped and skrewed better. that's just cuz i'm biased toward ludacris. dude's my favorite, sorry about the novel. brain/mouth filter's kinda faulty.
lol, i've got problems.

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p.s. my blog, i mean. i'm not a big e-date person. long story.