Thursday, January 8, 2009

hey, hey now,

I haven't been blogging in a long time mainly because things have been hectic for this past month. It's the holiday season, ya know? And I've definitely been trying to "make it last foreverrr" *Keith Sweat voice* but you know all good things must come to an end.

I've had a glamorous time with my fave 5 girlies since I've been back in the MapSo area [ J, Tiff, Ellz, Nnens, Rose ) but of course those bitches gotta go back home eventually and it makes me sad =[

Right now I'm in the works of getting my car and I've been in NC for a good 3 days now and I'm already tired of the country lifestyle.

Me and my brooklyn boo are still cupcaking. Tryna see what this nig is all about before I jump into anything but this looks like it'll be something *Knock on Wood*.

When I get back to school I definitely have to try to shed a good 20 pounds. It's gonna be some hard work but as long as I manage to make it to the gym like 3x a week and make healthier food choices I should be good. It would be real good if I could cut the soda out of my diet but I LOVE the feelings of those bubbles in my mouthhH! (OMG that sounded super perv.)

I really am not too elated about going back to school because of all of the drama btwn me and my ex-friend but.. FUCK her and oh well.. she shouldn't have done me dirty. Also.. I'm really trying to get my car because it's necessary that I move on to bigger and better things that exist outside of WPUNJ.

And so I think that my update is complete. I'll be back on soon, when I find my USB cord for my camera, so I can upload some pics of my holidays (xmas/new years). Till then...


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