Wednesday, August 20, 2008

give me the business.

... and by "the business" I do not mean Young Berg's wack ASS.
I'm talking about a fucking LOAN! OR a scholarship.

I'm short like 3 thou on my fucking tuition. Times is hard and a bitch gotta eat so I'm definitely trying to find me a lil side hustle so I could pay the rest of this tuition off & try to get a wayyy up GPA this semester so I could get a scholarship.

It's NO FUCKIN JOKE in '08. I can't remember the last time I actually went on a spending spree and just walked around & shopped at the mall. Shiiit, the last time I went to the mall I walked in to get whatever nonsense I HAD to get at the time & walked my ass out trying to divert my eyes from Footlocker, Macy's, Vicki's, and the Piercing Pagoda.

This shit is fucking ridiculous.

I'm bout to start muggin ppl, pick-pocketing. Some shit! ... Just to get by.

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