Monday, August 18, 2008

DX chop!

I have the tendency to do the old school DX chop like back in the day.
You remember right? the "SUCKKKKITTTT" thing where you kinda thrust your pelvis out while you slam your crossed arms against your genitals.

I find myself doing the motions and saying "suckk ittt" so much that when my mom pisses me the hell off I say it under my breath to her because sometimes I cant stand her ass when she gets on my nerves.

I need to stop that shit because one days she might catch me and backhand the shit outta me!

In conclusion, I think I'm having a bad ass dry spell & I need some before I shrivel up & turn into the Wicked Witch of the West.

It's THAT crucial.

Actually, I need a fucking MAN cuz LORD KNOWS I'm not into casual sex.
and so the quest begins...

Or no! Nevermind! I forgot that school's about to start and I need to bump my GPA up so I have no time for niggaz. *insert feminist cliche quote here* They are just a big ass hassle and a waste of TIME!!! And right now my time is soooo valuable because I need to get some better grades so I can transfer/get a scholarship.

Because if I dont I'll end up being a deadbeat living in my moms house, going to community and working my part time job when I get off of school & we all know dat aint hannninnn.

So ima put dudes on the backboard and keep doing the DX chop to pent out all my fuckin sexual frustrations.


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