Saturday, June 28, 2008

30 things I wanted to say:

I DIEDDD when I read this shit!
So it inspired me to make a list of my own. =]

Here goes...

1. Your breath smells really bad, all times of the day, every day i see you. Normally bad breath is subjected to morning breath or smelly food remnants in the mouth but i just think you have halitosis.

2. You're really not as cool as you think.

3. You're little high school street team is sooo wack and not respected because a. no one knows or cares about you b. you aren't even in high school anymore.

4. Stop stalking my facebook pics to see what my life is like.

5. Just because you have big breasts doesn't mean you look good, bitch.

6. Have you tried proactive? And with all cum shots in the mouth i'd think your skin would be flawless. Whore.

7. Just because you have a big butt doesn't mean you look good. It just means that niggas want to fuck.

8. Why are you so angry? Do you have a napolean complex? ... Ohh, your dick must be little huh?

9. When you take your clothes out of the wash PLEASE put them in the dryer immediately! Why is it that you wait so long so all of your jeans smell tart?

10. Stop talking so damn much about the bullshit that happens at your job. Every time you go into details, i pull out my manicure kit and get to removing my cuticles.

11. It's not cool to compete with males about male stuff as your device to make them desire you. They all think you're a lesbian.

12. Stop smoking weed, you already dress like a crackhead and it seems to be ruining your life.

13. Bitch, close your fucking mouth.

14. Stop vying for males attention SO hard, you look ridiculous and unless you plan on going everywhere in a thong and pasties they don't even want to look at your ass.

15. Just stop, those pictures aren't candid, so stop.

16. Can you please put some excitement in your voice before i punch you in the throat and damage your voice box to where you cant talk at all anymore.

17. No i still don't want you. I didn't two years ago and I still don't now. I won't want you two years later either, by the way.

18. Just don't open your mouth. Sew it closed. And it's not because of the things that you say either, or your voice. It's actually just your mouth. It bothers me.

19. You really knew how to eat! =]

20. I will push your ass down the steps.

21. Come over, naked, NOW!

22. I don't care that you play a sport. How are you in your third year of college and still don't know tenses?

23. We're you experimenting while pregnant because your child has a crack baby head.

24. Why are you so damn sheltered?

25. Do you have to always talk like you have something really important to say?

27. Maybe you can't find a man because you're a dirty slore. Just a guess.

28. Stop singing so closing your eyes like you really can sing or like you even know this song. & I don't wanna hear you say "oops" everytime you say the wrong word.

29. Who invited you?

30. You're the akward, ugly, loud giraffe.


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Lamar said...

you want me to come over naked? I'm on my way!! lol great list!! i'm going to link to it next time i do links okay?