Friday, June 20, 2008

i miss jersey.

I'm sitting in the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, bored out of my mind. I've been in Charlotte for the past month and I am happy to say that I'm going back to my HOME, New MUTHAFUCKIN Jersey.

I never used to understand what made people go nuts over Jersey. Why they had so much pride for a state the didn't seem to supply to much but I'm starting to see the reason. I'm sorry to say but down south is just dry as fuck.

And so i have a whole 'nother hour to sit in this fucking airport before my damn plane boards and I must say that I really wish I could just zap myself back onto planet earth (Jersey) because I sware, NC feels like fuckin Mars.

I think I definitely have to get used to the slower, down south pace of life. That, I am completely not accustomed to. Plus, if I'm supposed to be transferring to UNC soon I feel like I should get to know (and sub sequentially like) NC. Pssht... we'll see how this works.

I want a pair of white chucks. they are infallible.

Ok and here's why I made this new blog:
My other was a lil too personal for my likes. I'll transfer some of the more interesting, less personal posts into this blog. As well as my banner because that shit was FI-YA!

Now back to my country talk, I need to find me cute lil down south thug to break me off a lil SUMN SUMN. HAHAH! No, really though, I do. Because this single thing is fun but... not as interesting as having a man to get a lil raunchy with now & then. Because I will not go the hoe route to get what I want.

Speaking of what I want, I met some guy on myspace and now this nigga is BLOWING UP my phone and inbox. That is definitely not the business. I have no idea why i gave his ass my number to begin with. That shit was just foolish, but when we first spoke on the phone that was during cocktail 3 of 3. A nice lil lemondrop type drink (limoncello, jose cuervo pre-made margarita, rain vodka and a splash of sweet tea) and I must say that that drink had me feeling RIGHT!

But dude-man was just talking a little too serious a little too fast and it was starting to make me sick. I think that's what made me throw up. (I know you're thinking, "No bitch, you were just drunk." But I refuse to go along with that so I'm gonna have to say "Mind your business" and that it was the damn guy and all his creepy serious talk who made me throw up.

p.s. my newfound obsession is sweet tea.


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Lamar said...

I'm from nj and lived in charlotte... hell hole i'm glad im in atlanta. well i will be when i find a home.