Saturday, August 23, 2008

period dot

When I say I feel like someone is wringing my uterus I fuckin MEAN that shit.
I have THE worst cramps right now & I'm ready to punch my wall (but I wont).

I also have the baddest craving for a brownie sundae too, with strawberries on top and hot fudge. That shit sounds SOO yummy right about now.

I cant wait to go back to Jersey. I'm so mad that I've been gone for so long and hardly got to see any of my friends during the summer since I've been going back & forth from NC to NJ & then when I was working I could never leave!

Now all of my friends are on their way back to school since most southern schools start on Monday & my ass won't even be back in Jersey until the 28th & by then everyone will be gone.

& I'm mad as hell because I think something's wrong with my ipod cable. It's like not reading or something. Maybe from pulling it out without actually ejecting it.

OK my mother's back (clearly, because I hear some loud ass house music playing outside my window) & "I got shit ta do ta day" (lol Katt Williams) so I'm gonee.

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