Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what happened?

I'm sitting here listening to old Kanye. (Pre-Graduation, mixtapes, unreleased IMO) and I really have no clue what happened? I feel like I'm 1 of 20 of his remaining fans. I love old 'Ye. LOVE! I am still in love with THAT man. I don't really appreciate this new guy. And I blame Jay Z! He ruined my favorite rapper. Yeah he put him on but I'm sure, that it was bound to happen anyway. This man is too motivated to not have been successful. And I'm hurt! My favorite rapper died. His shit is not classic anymore, it creates controversy but it's not genuine. It doesn't tell the same story. It doesn't send the same message and doesn't give us the same positive/conscious vibe that it once did. Just words and music, words and music.

'Ye you have disappointed me. I guess when the struggle isn't the same, the output isn't either but damn you sold the fuck out. And your fans miss you Kanye.



adina renee. said...

you know how i feel about him, i mean i like his new music but i don't like his new arrogance.

xxxx said...

i still love kanye...