Monday, August 2, 2010


- By next month my facebook will be loooongg gone. I just need to get a flash drive and save all my old pics from highschool so I can reminisce from time to time. It's been a good 4 yrs but I don't have the wherewithal to deal with the ignorance, overshare, and myspacedness of facebook anymore. I'm done.

- Niggas who nag me could GO! I'm getting sick of buggy niggas like I'm the last female on earth. I got shit-ta-do-ta-day!

- I need to do some personal research on black history, the government, and American education because I feel like I am not doing enough self-study. Aside from reading books I don't try to learn leisurely, and I need to do more research that is not mandated. If I want to be a successful educator I need to be knowledgeable.

- Obese grandma, obese momma, obese kids. A sad cycle that never ends... My First Aid and Child Psych class is opening up my eyes even more of the negative effects of obesity (especially in America) and how it can effect every other facet of how the body works, how we learn and grow, and how it is hereditary. I saw Supersize Me 3 wks ago and have vowed to never eat McDonalds again. Also my teacher has a friend who works for a chemical supplier who told him that McDonalds puts chemicals in their burgers to keep people from getting nauseous. That disgusted me enough. IDK about Wendy's but I'll also be doing some research on their additives to see whether I'll be going there ever again and if not I'm done with fast food forever. Also, no more Coke. After it's done being made, it's green in color until they add food coloring into it. No, sir!

- Summer classes have helped me to become more studious and prioritize. I wish I could be working a lot more so that I can stack but this quick, 16 day semester, I believe will really pay off in the end. Also I'm thinking about minoring in Spanish so hopefully I'll be making those moves next semester. If I'm gonna be in college another 2 yrs. anyways I might as well make the most of it; and apparently you aint shit if you don't know Spanish these days.

- Jersey in 2 wks! :)

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adina renee. said...

yeah, i haven't had fast food in a month, now i have to just get ma dukes to stop eating the shit.