Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am not racist, but I am real. I love all types of people but I am not afraid to openly discuss, admit, observe and report accurate stereotypes (ie. Indians can't drive.) But I am sick of the ignorance that presents itself in the discussion of men and their disrespect of a black woman. Before I am ANYTHING else (student, friend etc.) I am a black woman and I am getting tired of the blatant down-putting that we receive.

Like this:

This is despicable. How can you have a black mother, black sisters, a black child and make such a statement?

I have no problem with interracial dating. AT ALL! I have dated and find men of different races attractive also, But denying and shunning your own race is disgusting. It's like people are missing the fundamentals.

Personal preference and desires will outweigh expectations but it does not supersede respect. And that ^ up there ^ is intolerable. There is nothing acceptable about a race disrespecting it's women. ...And that goes for any race.

Furthermore, I not only blame the ignorant state of man, I blame our fucked up media for consciously altering the subconscious minds of the masses. Continuously leading us to believe that if you are not white, "exotic," skinny, long haired, part of the upper tier socioeconomic category, have received formal higher education (scratch that obviously, no one gives a fuck about education anymore with the DUMMIES that people are obsessed with ie. Kim Kardashian, All of those 'Hills' people, Beyonce, etc.) or singing a damn sambo song you are not worthy of being seen by the masses. UNLESS YOU ARE ON A VH1 SHOW WHORING YOURSELF OUT FOR 15 MINUTES OF SHAMEFUL FAME and then you are not only a joke but a joke with no dignity.

Besides that, no one cares about your opinion or what you have to say. And this is not to say that there are no deviants (Oprah) but...she arrived in like 1990, it's 2010, where the fuck is the progress?

I have no clue what race the man I'm marrying will be, but hopefully by the time I have kids, my future daughter will never have to feel neglected by people that look just like her (figuratively speaking) and I won't have to embed in my son that all women should be respected.

Hopefully I won't have to make my children understand that although all cultures and races are beautiful, don't deny who you are as an individual nor who you are as a people. Hopefully things will be different. Because it pains me to see this. It doesn't make me hate white girls or want to be any different because I fucking love me. It really just gives me a bleak outlook for the future of self-identity, self-worth and how I'm going to have to unteach my kids the sad perceptions that today's EVEN SADDER society is being led to believe.


princessvalecia said...

when it comes to men like this I can't help, but think they did me a favor. They helped make it easier to weed out the bad ones. If you don't want to be bothered with me I damn sure don't want you.

big booty judy. said...

i love the way you worded your argument, and i agree men always want exotic looking women when they get some money. but who birthed them? a black woman, so they need to get it together.

BrookiiBrooke said...

PREACH! love it and i totally agree! we should all love each other for who we are no matter what race!


Anonymous said...

Don't have an account on this shit but I just wanna say as a black man that I love my black beautiful women, you're all queens .. don't let no man, or the media tell you otherwise - D.

chris said...

I'm a white guy and I also love black women, along with women of all other races... I find this all really sad and I totally agree with you. That facebook quote you posted is pathetic and ignorant, especially considering he posted it for his friends and family to see.

Anonymous said...

so I came across your blog and totally agreed with ALL points you made. you didn't come off as apologetic for his evidently ignorant behavior, nor did you come off as angry for what he said. it's like the first comment read though--it makes it easier for you to find the right one for you.

what's more sad though, is that he'll more than likely find a woman who agrees with his standpoint [who'll obviously be "exotic"]

tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

i agree..i think it's very ignorant. preferences are one thing. but thinking someone, especially someone of your own race is inferior to someone of another race is just hating yourself. you can't possibly think you're good enough either.