Saturday, July 3, 2010

i ain't doin nutttinnn.

I rearranged my room but I am not taking pics until I actually clean it to it's master cleanness. I still have clothes alloverthefuckingplace. I actually need to buy more hangers because my wardrobe has surpassed my storage. It's starting to get ugly. I may donate soon but I doubt anyone will want my random shit.

I'm gonna wear my new LBD to the 4th of July party that I'm going too but I really want a pair of stars and stripes hooker shoes that I'm sure will be hard to find. I want them to look like this:

But in a non-MS paint sorta way, yanno?

But because this dress is tight as fuck I'm not trying to have any unnecessary curves so I've been no carbing for the past 3 days (except for not really because I had Chick-Fil-A today *kanye shrug*)

I've been trying to stay on point with everything lately so I can really keep myself focused. I start school next week and I'm looking for a new job as well.

Something I've been doing every morning is taking a tablespoon of olive oil every morning. It's supposed to speed your metabolism and do something else healthy. (Don't really remember the rest.)

I need to start praying more or establish a better sense of faith because I really feel like I'm slipping and I'm lucky to have the things that I have. I feel like I'm ungrateful because I don't thank God enough.

Kinda won't be smoking for a while because I'll prob have to take a few UA's if I'm looking to get a job. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! -___-

Gotta go, I need to paint my nails.

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thehoustongirl said...

I'm EXTRA late (its July 5th now lol) but I thought these shoes were HOT! [4th of July themed heel]