Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a cake-less diet.

I ate HEEELLLLAAA food today. Also I died my hair. Also I went swimming. Also I will be masturbating tonight because I haven't had sex in like 3 wks and for the past 5 months I had been having sex at least once a week. But there's no more 'boocakes' in my diet so.... yeah.

-I'm watching the VH1 Hip Hop honors and Lil' Romeo is looking tasty right now.-

So about 2 wks ago me and boocakes had a huge 3 day argument. The first day it was just a disagreement, the 2nd day he was drunk and got reckless at the mouth, and the third day he basically said he doesn't think he is in the right place to be with anyone right now and he wants to get his shit together and try things after that. *master side-eye* I agree..he's told me of the shit he's going thru when we first started talking on that level... but wtf that's a waste of a few months.

I cried really hard for a while but then I took a nap and ran on the treadmill to get all my frustrations out then I forced my roommates to go out that night and almost every night since then. Being on my rebound shit I have been bagging and getting bagged left and right. But here I'm in a predicament because me and cakes have been talking alot again and he wants me to come over and talk to him and cook for me when he gets back (he's on vacay) and for now he kinda holds my heart. So I'm lost. I guess I'll have to see what happens when I see him but I can't wait to hug him and its gonna be so hard for me not to kiss him but ima try to stay hands off.

Like I said though, I have been doing me in the meantime and one of the dudes I met came down to spend some time with me and he is cool but idk about him. He does some kind of crazy work where he works all damn day and with him living about an hr away that might be inconvenient as all hell.

I'm trying to get my grill asap. I mean really, it's my #1 priority right now. But I don't want anybody I know IRL to know because I don't want it to become a trend. Like I will straight up cut someone if they up and decide they want a grill after I tell them. I hate that shit!

And here goes thiiiis niggaaa:
Edit: Picture Removed
SIDEBAR: I guess I'll be back on this again seeing as I don't have shit else to do but work these days.


VonDign said...

kinda was bored wit it...n bloggin bout the ladies i think turns into bad luck lol

how is "const" the word verification word? lolol

whats been good witcha...i see you haven't been postin regularly also...hmm

big booty judy. said...

liyah. <3
i'm glad you updated and everything is going well.
i'm sorry about you & ya dude, but hopefully you work things out, my love.

Dub said...

omg, yoooo, we never got your design game up! Email me at wtrey@email.unc.edu and Ill hook you up if you're still interested.