Thursday, May 20, 2010

school's over.

Summer timeeeee! :)

I did the best that I've ever done this semester than any semester since being in college so I'm veryyyerryyerryyy happy! Even though I only got a 2.5, it's the best I've done so can I give myself a little pat on the back for that. My overall GPA is a 1.9 now so I definitely have to make sure I do great so I can get my overall up because that's nothing to brag about.

My summer classes will be starting in July and I'm really excited to get to it so I can get this fucking school shit over with. At the same time I'm thinking about seeing about doing a year medical program and leaving UNC. I don't really wanna work in the medical field (I hate blood because of all the germs it carries and I think I'm a bacteriophobe). I really want to work with kids for the rest of my life but honestly, the salary is not great. I think I would enjoy my work, but at the same time I have a certain standard of living that I want to attain and I want to be able to afford and I really can't do that with a simple SpEd degree. So I'm going to be looking @ some schools through this year so that by next semester, if I'm going to leave UNC, I can do so and not have to worry about registering for spring.

I talked to my old bestfriend, Brielle. We stopped talking August of last year because the bitch did not try to see me when I left last year so I cut her off but I missed her and wanted an update on her life and also update her about mine which leads me to my next topic...

Me + b. Me + b. Me + b. That's still my boocakes and everything *wink wink* is grrrreattt etc. etc. He's taking me to get a tatt for my bday prez and I'm still in the works of coming up with the best design and location so... I'll post pics when everything is done.

I'm looking for a place with my mom to move into in Sept. right now. She wants to move and I am sick of living with people who did not grow up with the same discipline that I grew up with. I hate when the kitchen counters are dirty and the garbage bag falls into the garbage and no one takes it out. Then my roommate had the nerve to get a fucking gerbil or guinea pig or some kind of rodent and she don't even clean up her damn mess as a human. I am just disgusted by it. Not only are rodents not pet material but the little shit sits on a table in our living room and squeals! It just makes me squeamish thinking about it!

I was trying to avoid living with my mommy but I think it's the best decision now. Plus I'm still saving for a car so not having to pay rent is a plus.

everything else
I'm still drug free :) And my liquor tolerance is shitty now so I don't even drink anymore like that. I don't miss anything yet but there's been so much going on to distract me so I'm good. Also I've been trying to keep up with my reading list (on the right) so not smoking is making me definitely more focused and feeling less lazy.

I'm trying to change my diet too. I lost my dreaded freshman 15 that I gained with diet and exercise, and I want to lose 20 more but everybody else tells me I'll look like a sick blow up doll if I do (because of my boobs and 20 pounds of weight loss on a 5'3" body is kind of drastic) but I at least want to lose 10 more just because. Since turning 20 I'm nervous because I know as you get older your metabolism slows down and one of my fears is to get old and be fat. It seems a little shallow but it's real talk. I don't want to be one of those women who regrets not getting fit earlier and hurting myself just to shed baby weight and get my metabolism up. #itiswhatitis.

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A.R. said...

glad to here everything is cool with you, and i was going to get two tats for my birthday still don't know what though.