Wednesday, April 28, 2010

spring cleaning.

I think I need to cleanse myself. I think I'm going to start doing things by the Old Farmer's Almanac and see if it works. *shrug*

Also it's time for things to get fun again, this rain is bringing everyone's mood down around here. I need to get to the strip club or something.

I bought a Hello Kitty cup today when I went food shopping.

I wore silk charmeuse despite the rain, because I didn't have time to change, which was a feat within itself. x_x

Me and boocakes are still me and boocakes - time to bring in some toys or something.


I ate too many cupcakes today. I rarely eat sweets but I had a cupcake craving so I made some. I also had a sandwich and chips & dip bc I had the munchies. I'm gonna regret eating all that tmrw!

I really need to stop going to sleep so late now. I'm no good @ this anymore and it's starting to catch up with me.

My bday is coming up and all I can think about is doing the same shit I do every wknd: go out to eat, do a little shopping, come back home, puff a L, (if its a wknd) sip on something, play spades, get D-ed down, sleep in and watch tv on the couch the next morning. I'm not even into all that extra bidextra bday hype. I'm just trying to live good that day.

Plus my court date is the very next day so I'm prob. gonna celebrate only on Saturday anyways.

BOY-OH-BOY! Mo'money, mo'problems.


Immature Gentleman said...

Yeah!.... im feeling this blog fam. i like this blog alot. im def gonna follow! check mince out at im doing fashion on my blog. again... love the blog. and keep doing ya thang:)

A.R. said...

let's see this boocakes, huh?