Friday, February 26, 2010

umm... let's see. *waves magic wand*

I'm feeling really whimsical so I've decided to shed some layers and dump my current boyboy and quit smoking again. I was doing really good when I sobered up and then I slipped up when this niggi started coming by regularly so I gotta get back to grinding again. I hate to severe ties but at the same time we're not making moves in either direction. It's stagnant right now and I'm hot blooded, I need some excitement!

My roommates are in the livingroom doing the most @ 12:48am like these walls are soundproofed and I don't have to open the store in the morning. -______-

Umm... the other day my room was looking like a random gypsy horder room so I took some pics of it before I cleaned the shit out of it. I really need to do some spring cleaning literally and spiritually.

Facebook is starting to get on my nerves too. I've had a facebook for a long time and ALOT has changed. Unacceptable people like my grandma and my little cousins, bestfriends, 13 yr. old little brother have requested me and it's like ehh.. REALLY?! Idk. It's just ridonkulous now. I'm still not even comfortable with accepting people I didn't really talk to like that in school.

I have been working myself sick so I can stack and still live a little right now and it's nuts but oh well, that's how it is. I guess my little short stint of having no weed has helped me realize that it really don't bring me shit. It don't make nothing better, nothing worse, it just wastes time, and really I need all the extra time for taking care of myself that I can get.

I wanna change my site around but I forgot how to do all that damn html wysiwyg bullshit that I learned in 10th grade. So until I really get some time to sit down and try to figure out things on this damn computer you will continue to see that obnoxious banner that's been there for a good yr now.

I'll let you know how my "spring cleaning" goes. But trust and believe it's gonna go. Really, I got a few things I'm tryna obtain so I'm like let's make moves!


Trell said...

o word..thats whats up.. good luck with all that

Eury said...

let us kno how quitting goes...

A.R. said...

my nine year old cousin has a fucking facebook, smh & i quit smoking for a little while too.