Sunday, February 28, 2010

almost march.

Stacking and having no self-control is hard! My roommates do pretty good at helping me not spend money when I go to the mall before work and stuff and not spending money going out to eat as much. I ate chicken salad twice this week! Which is like a-mazing because I don't really do leftovers. They're boring.

The only reason why I even have the time to type this right now is because my toenails are drying and I'm sitting at my desk in the meantime waiting for them so I can hop in the bed. I've been working my little tail off just thinking of cheese all day, all night. I've also been trying to be more focused in school and actually GO to class more so where last semester I wouldn't go to class and just sleep, this semester I don't get as much sleep time on my off days because I'm actually in class and doing hw now.

One of the main benefits of going to class is not being lost in the sauce when you finally decide to go. I used to walk into class and my professors would be expecting papers and having pop quizzes and I'm all...

It's CIAA wknd which apparently is something epic that I should care about being that I'm young and black and in Charlotte, NC but I actually don't give one fuck. This is my first time ever hearing of CIAA and all the hoopla that surrounds it. Black people so muthafuckin extra when it comes to events. Like, damn!

I have never seen so many black people in the mall I work at in my 5 months of working there than I have today. My manager was the one who reminded me of why the mall was so poppin. Subsequently, she felt the need to tell me we had so much "known loss" (tags left over from shit people stole) today. Hit that bitch with the hard side eye, asap.

Whatever though, like I said, I'm just grindin. I smoked yesterday and until some joyous occasion takes place I will not be smoking anytime soon.

No need to speak on boy boy.

We're doing us.
'Nuff said.

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A.R. said...

i'm glad everything is going well for you...i hate missing class & being lost, it sucks big dick.