Friday, February 12, 2010

skateboy j.

CERTIFIED: INDOOR TEN from Creative Control on Vimeo.

My friend* Jon Lodge (red hoodie) is on the come up with his skating and I'm proud of him. Watch him try do some hard ass trick @ Bryant Park station, NY. :(

*Not kidding. Me and my girls used to chill with his crew heavy during senior year.
(Lol, throwback attire.)


Unbreakable said...

"You think you actually got somethinf until you gethere" lol that dude was in pain

Trell said...

Damn i didnt even know black folk sk8 board...

yea your right i should just take this as a learning experience

i just wish it didnt hurt as much

preciate the insight

superduperkya said...

awww i know bell & i think his name is mic, i can tell that pic is old lol.

lalaliybean said...

this world is too small.