Friday, February 12, 2010


Hiya! I'm bored so it's time for an update.

*Me and boyboy are still getting it in. He always does the most in trying to control our "situation." Sometimes I just wanna tell him spare me the theatrics but that would make me seem insensitive and I try to stroke his male ego because we have potential so I just go along with things.
"::GASP:: You can't come over today?.. Aw man, I'm upset....yadda yadda yadda"
What's crazy is he's dying to "just chill" on VDay when I already told him I'm gonna be busy all day. SMH... niggas.

*I met me a doe boy today. *cue Three 6 Mafia - Doe Boy Fresh*

*And dude from my American Horror class is still trying *side-eye* He get's an E for effort and a D in the damn class because he doesn't read the stories we're assigned and instead of paying attention in class he does shit like kick my chair every so often and try to get me to look at him so he can ask for some of my fruit snacks. Ninja please! I'm tryna focus!

Besides that, what it look like?

I been in the mall too fucking much. I'm deciding I'm just gonna hide my debit card in my top drawer until I can get it together and stop shopping. I don't know HOW I spent [insert significant amount of dollars here] yesterday when I was only in the mall for 40 minutes but Bank of America was up bright and early to remind me of that shit on my blackberry alerts. Tsk tsk.

Shoes always get me though. I can tell myself I'm not gonna buy shit but then I step into Aldos and go bonkers. smh... And then I try to take advantage of 5 for $25 @ Vickies everytime I go to the mall because a girl can never have too many panties and I don't buy them anywhere else.

But a bitch gets paidddd tomorrow and the day after that. So it's alllll gravy!

Point is I've fast forwarded my desire for a new car. Hopefully I will be getting one for my birthday as a present to myself. Trying to wait until January is sorta like a no-go because A. I have no patience and B. the more I think about getting a new car the more I'm starting to hate my current car. She's good but it's time to upgrade.

Whoa! Has anybody else tried the new sweet chili dipping sauce @ Mickey D's? I think I'm gonna hafta cheat on bbq for a while and have an affair with sweet chili. OMFG it's so goooooooooooood.

New ink --(click to see it bigger:)

(Disregard my chichos there. That's a work in progress.) I took that the other day, it's healed a little more since then so the color is better set because it looks kinda dull (and dry. The pics I took with ointment had too much glare). I'll prob take another pic by next week so you can see how it looks fully healed.

I bit a huge chunk out of Jessica Alba's swag because she had this one first:

But I thought hers was too ropey looking for my taste, *shrug.*

I like Nivea's bow too but I think that would've been too big for my location:

I'll probably get my 3rd one (the one I want on my foot) around my bday too because by then I'll be able to wear sandals so it can heal better.

I showed my mom and she's like, "When you're older you're not gonna be able to explain the significance of having a red bow above your ass crack, Lee." She got the quick side-eye for that little comment. I told her, "When I'm older my kids will also be doing some bizarre shit that I'm not gonna like."

There's nothing like being young and carefree and privileged enough to do what you want in good measure.

With that being said, a porn star is calling my name in another tab. GOOOOOOOODNIGHT.


Trell said...

wow i cant believe i just spent 30 whole mins staring at yo ass... "str8 trippin"... i wonder what kinda statement ur tryin to make with that...overall the tat looks good they did a good job

A.R. said...

love the tat.

superduperkya said...

your bow is cute!
i considered getting something similar to this but it was a totally different bow lol.
i dont think the other bow tats though, i'm glad you chose that one!

☆Reese said...

Omg that's so cute! And lookit atcha booty! *smack*
Work girl work!

E-Rich said...

Why Nivea look like Raven Symone? I don't remember her looking like Raven Symone.