Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ima type this shit up real quick and then Ima get back to my homework.

Things for this past month have been on the up and up for me... which is good. It's a new semester. Rent is paid. I got to buy myself some nice late christmas gifts (32g itouch [i've been planning my savings for that since nov.] some sneakers [despite how much I claim I don't wear them anymore] the spizikes, and since i got my refund check also *cha-ching* I just went hog wild and got flu games too).

I jailbroke my ipod and now I get to put things like weed backgrounds on it ;] Yahoozie!

Me and mommy are straight. Every situation I have with every nigga that I talk to right now is good. So I'm a happy camper.

I didn't stop smoking.

I got blasted drunk last night and we had a mini-party where apparently I kissed this white guys stomach who had a huge lion head tatt covering the whole thing. *shrugs*
(I lowkey like white guys though so this doesn't actually surprise me, one bit.)

And errumm... that's enough shameful admissions for one day.

Me and my roommate just had an argument because she put my clothes on top of the washer instead of putting them into the dryer or at least saying something like an ol' ignant ass. I don't leave my clothes in the washer like that but my mom needed me to do something for her so I dropped what I was doing.

Idk.. I'm trying to grow as a person and see the error in my ways more but I just don't see how I'm wrong for expecting someone to speak up or be a little selfless.

And that about sums up everything.

I would post a pic but that's mad work to upload and blahh blahh blahh... Maybe nxt time.


VonDigne said...

wuuuut...ive been trying to jailbreak my isht but it wont work for mine :-/

Dub said...

The flu games and some Spi'zikes, not only am i jealous but i am in love. hahaha lemme stop

but roommate beef is never good, 3 thumbs down to that ish

A.R. said...

jail broken ipods ftw, boo.