Thursday, January 21, 2010

insomnia 10: stopping in.

I'm making moves out here. Right now things are good. My car is nearly kaput but it's all gravy because I plan on getting a new car in Jan. I'm aiming for the g35 but who knows. I just gotta have some restraint on how I spend my young mulah baby so that means no more Jimmy John's, Thai food, and picking up random things on my way to the cash register "because it's only 10 dollarsss!" I'm a sucker for things that are "only *insert any monetary figure that is $20 or less here*" or if they have a SALE sign hanging above it. SMH.

I'm not going in on my l_ve life because every time I mention shit about a nigga on here..... well, you know the rest. So, mind your business. I will say I keep torturing my ex by sending him half-nakies (yup, with the face cut off). It's FUN! :] MWAHAHAHAAAAA!!!

I'm probably gonna end up moving back with my mommy after my lease is up in July. She hates her living situation and even though I don't necessarily wanna live with her I'm not really feeling my living situation either. I don't think I'll be able to live with another female that I don't fuck with like that again. Mommy gets on my last nerves, but at the end of the day that's moms, so I just walk away stewing but in 15 minutes I'm good. When people that I don't care about get on my nerves, it makes me just wanna pour ammonia in their soup. (And I say this with the straightest of straight faces right now) Revenge is sweet to me and I just get evil thoughts sometimes. *kanye shrug*

And plus, I wanna get a puppy and we can't have pets here. Womp womp!

Ummm... my ass still fat, my waist still little and my titties still plump and that's all that matters.

Sike. But forreal though, here's some pics from our... idk... dinner turned party the other night: (be advised: i was in rare form. click the pics for hugeness)

That is a sexy tatt.

Niggas get Henny in the sys and start breaking tables and shit... SMH.

Those are my roommates. (We all kinda don't fuck with the tall bitch anymore. Well.. I don't fuck with her AT ALL.)

Wanna know what's crazy though? Dude with the tatt (I forgot his name) was trying to put that word in my ear the WHOLE NIGHT! He even put his # in my phone but I have no clue what his name is so it's somewhere lost in my contacts. Nothing was gonna go down though cuz I'm a laaaaaaaaaaadyyyyy [/Shananay voice].


Unbreakable said...

LOl you guys sure know how to have fun...

Tiamaria ; said...

:) looks fun!
I was thinking about your profile song all week!

RoByn LaTice said...

Looks so fun! :) Love your outfit!

Eury said...

your outfit was real cute, looks like you had fun...