Monday, December 7, 2009

weekly obsessions and confessions

Haven't done one of these in a while, have I?

Week of november 30-december 6, 2009:

- Victoria's Secret Pout Collection Lipgloss in Peony

- Naked Juices "Green Machine"

- Watch My Shoes - Lil Wayne, No Ceilings

- Trippy music that scares me fucks with my brain when I'm high. (RZA - Goodnight Kiss)

- The smell of Auntie Anne's pepperoni pretzels

- Crystal Light Peach Mango Green Tea packs

- My blue glitter eye liner

- The show Community

- Checkered Polo button ups

- Leechblock for Mozilla - blocks you from getting onto sites that tend to distract you

- The gym again

- My Starbucks un-"paper" cup.

- Home remedies.

- I FUCKED UP some girls ear piercing the other day.

- I dl'ed Leechblock but then I unblocked all of the sites I set up because I have the attention span of a goldfish and the discipline of Lindsay Lohan.

AND Whoa-Ho-Ho, whaddaya know! A bitch got 100 Followers! (Even though some of you are hidden *side-eye*) Thank you to everyone who follows, comments, reads, even stops by! It really makes me happy.


A.R. said...

watch my shoes is my favorite song off no ceilings.

Eury said...

you really should do something about attention span...

great post lol

princessvalecia said...

LOL fun...I love random ass entry..I need to do some more often!

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon I'm going to be all your obsessions and confessions,I told you in four years or when ever I find you you are mines Lls...I'm not into astrology like that but I heard a cancer and taurus make good with the couple thing so Imma chill and let you have your fun but dont be suprised if love just so happens to SPRING up on you out of nowhere;}!

lalaliybean said...

why don't u just stop being anon.?

Anonymous said...

I would but I'm going lay back play the lilboy role for right now and pop up like a man when I feel you ready for it Lls;)!

lalaliybean said...

smh, anon. you are blowin mines.

Anonymous said... goin to leave you alone i was just fucking 'round wit cha being bored no need for yours to get blown,thats like a unwritten rule violation for smokers*thou shalt not blow anyone sober or high or they will suffer the blow-tivity 1000 times over the next time thy smoke*........but i do like your blog you should do a post on the herbals and the different effects it has according to the quality just a suggestion.

Trell said...

honestly i didnt even read this cuz i cant take my eyes off that booty poking out..."hOpE iT wAsNt iMpRtAnT"

if i woulda known it was like that lil mama i woulda been tryin to get at you....Hhmmm i wonder how soft her skin is!