Monday, December 21, 2009


My grades were buns. (I refuse to publicly embarrass myself so I'm not telling you my shit.)

I just got done painting my nails. None of my roommates are here. I have the ONLY chocolate craving and it's not even "that time."

Work be chewing my ass, man. Gotta open by myself again tmrw so that means I gotta be there @ 7:30 and do all those fucking morning tasks by myself. It's whatevs though, my paycheck will definitely be Whole Foods-healthy. YUM!

Idk what I'm doing for NYE yet. I'm not one for planned nights (shit always gets fucked up somehow) but right now I got nothing. Let's hope I don't end up drinking rum & cokes and ordering movies ondemand in the den @ my grandparents house while grandma makes snacks downstairs. -- I've done that one too many times before.

Masturbation and marijuana for the remainder of the evening? Good plan, Aliyah!

8 days until Jrsy.


yours truly said...

"Masturbation and marijuana for the remainder of the evening? Good plan, Aliyah!"

this ^^^ i why i heart you, lol. love it.

A.R. said...

you're the shit, that is all.

T-Charry said...

you crack me up....whatever you do, I KNOW you'll enjoy yourself boo..I don't know what I'm doin' either, and I really don't care...

I wish my boo was here so I could do somethin' strange for some change with his a**...lmao!