Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween weekend recap.

So I didn't go to A&T. Turns out I was supposed to work on Friday and most of the events were that day so it was kinda pointless in me going. Furthermore, I didn't even end up working though >=[ so I went shopping and to get mexican with mommy. We got margaritas, got tipsy and ate too much food but it was fun.

Saturday I was supposed to do something with the club I'm in, Student Council for Exceptional Children, but my ass had a hangover and completely disregarded my alarm going off @ 8am so I woke up @ 12:30. I was so upset because I was really looking forward to going! :(

Then I went out with one of my friends from home who goes to JCSU. We were supposed to smoke and then hit up the club but all of her connects were @ A&T so there was none around. It was good though because it was raining hard as HELLL and I don't think it would've been smart for me to drive in that rain being high (IDK if this saying applies but I'm gonna just throw in a "The LORD works in mysterious ways!")

We still went to the club though which, frankly, was a hood club. That shit was just..... idk man! But I came to the realization that I'm gonna have to rule out clubbing in NC. It really does nothing for me. I don't like the music, I don't like the atmosphere... shidddd, I could go on forever. I did try to dance and all that because I didn't wanna be a Debbie Downer or whatever but I really wasn't feeling it AT ALL.
Also, it was crazy because as we were leaving we saw 2103280 cop cars outside of the McDonald's next door and the whole property caution taped off, I told my mom about it today and she tells me some 19 yr old kid was shot and killed. The worst part about it is the kids 16 yr old brother was shot and killed last Dec. I feel so bad for that family! That type of shit just makes my heart flutter.

Today I had to babysit my little buddies Cooper and BJ. Cooper who's 3 decided he wants to attend a shit-on-himself party that I have to clean up after. :( There was shit smeared on the toilet, his PJs, and his whole body from the waist down, including his feet! I was pissed off but I love kids and I just couldn't even be that mad at him. BJ's 11 and autistic and he's really good. He always gives me kisses on the cheek and it's the cutest thing.

I hope everybody balled out on Halloween though.


Eury said...

it sounds like you had an alternative halloween lol...

☆Reese✮ said...

NC club life WOMPS! I've done it and *yawn*. I'm so glad you made it through that experience and didn't get harmed or anything.
My the house, pouring rain, chinese food and likka..I'm not even complaining (slightly)
p.s. I gave you the "Honest Scrap" award lady, so stop by the blog when you can.

A.R. said...

that's so cute that BJ gives you kisses. ^_^

Marie said...

BJ sounds like pure sweetness. I love it. && all this unnecesary killing is on some serious shit. Its not a good look...Ima need us to get it together