Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All about the skrilla.

I'm contemplating whether I should go to class because.. the weather is ugly and rain doesn't agree with my non-permed roots. So, ehh... I don't know.

I miss home, man! Also Empire State of Mind always has me feeling some type of way when i hear it. I know I'm not from New York, but the city has always been a hop, skip, and a jump away and I'd go just about every other weekend. I would really just go to party and shop then come the fuck home -- nobody's trying to do a whole bunch in the city because of how they try to price rape niggas. Living close to the city always made me feel like NYC was so overrated when people would gush about it (I still think that, though). But I do miss NYC and day trips to thrift stores, free summer concerts, meeting groups of bk boys to spend a couple hours with, friendly bums, GOOD MUSIC AT THE FUCKING CLUB, the parades, street shows, tourists taking pictures of tall buildings, sex shops, the always interesting subway rides, buying jewelry on the street, sahara hookah, big ass $1 pizza slices, etc.

I don't understand how Rihanna is doing the same shit that chicks have been doing in the hood since the 90's and is getting press for it?

People are really like "Her nails are dope!" I can't even count how many times I've seen that design on the airbrush boards @ Nail 3000, Pretty Nails, and T&P Nails. I'm really over the Rihanna hype. She don't even know wtf she's wearing, she's just going along with the shit because she knows she gets attention for it.

Also I can't with Amber Rose anymore. Yeah, I think she has a great body and she is still gorge but I truly feel like she doesn't have 'Ye's best interest at heart. Obviously IDK what kind of relationship her and 'Ye have but if she was really wifey material she would have him a little more grounded. And it doesn't help that she forever looks like she's on the hoe stroll. I just really don't care for the image she embodies. It's classless.

I'm not off all this VMA hype either. I'm not going to go in about it but basically this has turned into an excuse to incite all the racist remarks that white people want to say about blacks but can't until a black person does something that, seemingly, justifies it.

It's not a black/white thing, it really wasn't even a malicious thing. Yeah, I think Kanye was wrong, but look at the real shit: the numbers. Let that speak for itself.

I'm done talking statistics.

Keep it juicy.


khaki said...

totally feel you on the Rihanna shit. She's a bit overrated and everything she is doing now someone else has done. Chris Brown beating her ass probably was the best thing that couldve helped her career. No- i dont support domestic violence- just sayin.

s a s h a said...

I understand where your coming from with the numbers don't lie thing but look at it from another perspective. Taylor Swift how old is she like 19 right? came into the game on her own. She's a country singer, writes her own songs, and has crossed the boarder between pop culture and country. That line is hard to reach. So even thought WE ALL KNOW beyonce's video was better, sometimes the little ones have to get the shine so that they can progress. Beyonce won another award anyway. I know she not mad at that. Its done so that it gives other artist a chance to shine. MTV does this all the time. probably why BET sucks ass cause they forever hyping up the same old person.

ehh i still fucks with Amber Rose though. LOL