Friday, August 28, 2009

the real world.

My roommates and I are thinking about making short video clips, kinda like "the confessional" on Real World, while we're living here. If we do I'll post some stuff.

I don't HATE North Carolina anymore. BUT I DON'T LOVE IT EITHER!!! "BA-LEEE-DAT!"

I really have the taste for cheese sticks. Like... not mozzerella sticks but like the breadsticks with the cheese on it! I don't know why! I really think this birth control is fucking with me because I've been to Cook Out 3x this week. My roommate introduced me to it and that was evil of her. I'll be in the gym for at least 2 hrs tomorrow because that Cook Out did me dirty.

I just got done organizing my school and weekend planners and writing down exam and paper dates. I realize that organization will send you a mile further than being unorganized. So I'm trying to do much better with my organizational skills and so far I'm doing pretty bueno. B)

Things in the house are really funny. The guy that lives upstairs from me hooked me up with some 3 for $20 Kush and that lasted me exactly three days (a blunt a day, count em). The first night I smoked with the dude upstairs and then he tried to push up and I was not feeling that one bit so I've been avoiding him like the plague ever since... So much for my weed connect.

DAMN! I'm gonna be dreaming of cheese sticks mannn!

This commercial has a place in my heart.

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