Thursday, August 6, 2009

a compilation of random realness:

  • You know how you have that friend that you never look at directly when she/he speaks to you because their breath is rockin' dat thang like? I hate conversations with this bitch.
  • Ugly people cannot do everything. But add this to the list of absolutely-nots: making the screw face in pictures and facial piercings.
  • I am so hoping that I find a gbf (gay best friend) when I move. This is a must, MUST. Who else is going to tell me that my nail polish is tacky and that I really should put spanx on under my dress? A female friend would have my ass thinking I'm cute.
  • How is it that I'm still seeing beezys that have been wearing weave since they were fifteen with visible tracks? Or nasty wigs. How is this possible? I would assume that if you were wearing 16" ponytails since you were in 8th grade you'd have this weave game perfected. Get on your job.
  • Why don't grown ass people know when they have boogers in their nose? That's just disrespectful.
  • I am always the person who will wait until someone opens the new juice in the fridge and then drank damn near ALLLLL of that shit until there's only enough to pour one cup and then I quit that juice. -_- Yes, it's always me. And is it just my family or do all black households have a dilemma with juice? People turn into juice-nazis when there's a new juice in the house. Shame.
  • I'm surprised I'm not 300 pounds. I had a Big Mac + fries, a turkey sandwich and chicken with rice and salad today. I'm not skinny but you could bet your bottom dollar a nigga never had a debate over whether I was fat or thick. ;)

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Anonymous said...

I definitely agree w you on the issue about juice. Juice goes so fast in my house no matter when you bought it.