Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm not one to fall for a buncha industry niggas. 'Ye will always be my number one, Trey Songz is a hot tamale and... I think that's about it, in terms of men I find attractive in the industry right now. Oh yeah! I saw Juelz in person and even though on tv he's not all that cute. He's sexyashell in person.

But it's something about Jeremih that is veryyyyyy pleasing to my eyes. VERYYY!

And even though I would like to go a day without hearing 'Birthday Sex' for the next 3 months, the video definitely makes me a little less mad about hearing it SO often.

** I see bloggers giving Jeremih some heat for not casting a "black" model (as if he's the casting agent). This is REAL WORLD 2009, I bet you all McNuggets in the world that everyone knows multiple interracial couples. The matching thing is played out. Like I'm tryna find me an Asian boo as we speak and people are complaining about this 'ish. I understand black women in the media are lacking but if people are looking at the MAINSTREAM music industry to convey positive cultural messages, or positive messages period, they should've stopped a long time ago. MAINSTREAM music is 'bout that paper; all day, everyday. **



supremeee. said...

yeah, he's sexy little man.

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

yeah he is a cutie! yeah i have been hearing about that, but i am kind of glad he used a girl of a different race b/c if it was a black model, for some reason, it would have been someone that has been in too many videos as someone's main or extra. so i am kind of glad and i feel you on that asian boo. looking for one is difficult in the south right now...shoot, i had a hispanic one and now i am looking for a white chocolate one..LoL!