Friday, June 5, 2009

souljaboytellem got the munchiesss!

This guy is hilarious. He has like THE WHOLE snack aisle in his hotel room.

LMFAO, black people love them some peachrings boyyy!

And can I address the little pack of Snack Wells Devils Food cake (3:06)? I haven't seen those shits since lunchboxes, bologna and cheese, and Mondo juices*. Where did Soulja Boy find those, because I need that corner store on speed dial?

Sidebar: I redid my myspace page lastnight. It basically looks just like my blogger because I'm graphically challenged/idgaf. And WOWWW nigguis come out the woodworks when a bitch edits her myspace profile. I got like 7 hit ups last night. "Lee Lee, wussup ma how u been" & shittt (you know myspace users don't fuck with accurate punctuation). These mf's are killers.

*I know yall remember these:


[Alex]. said...

i'm watchin this and thinkin "this nigga has GOT to be like, super blown"

...then he pulls a SpeedStick out and says "WE GOT THE MUNCHIEEEEES!!!"

lmao, this nigga is silly-high. you should see the shit he says on twitter...

lalaliybean said...

lol alex you know how much i loathe twitter.

[Alex]. said...

i'm postin trivia questions...just killed my e-weed.

lmao: flatiot!!!!

lalaliybean said...

lmfao @ trivia questions @ 2:34am.

s a s h a said...

y he pulled out the speed stick tho?....lmaooo
n mondo??????
never heard of it lol

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

wow! LMAO! that definitely made my morning...MONDO?!?

girl that mess was my ish back in the day! i loved me some mondo especially if my mom couldn't get the kool-aid jammers[ were they called jammers back then too? the ones in the bottle not the pouch], mondo was it!