Saturday, June 6, 2009

let's get real random.

The mall -
I hate the mall because everybody buys the same shit. The Hollisters all wear leather flip flops, cardis with camis underneath and jeans with a few tears in em. The Foreverers all have bright ass shit on. The Urban Outfitters are trend mongers/hipsters. I wear all of this shit so I'm talking about myself too. But I am a choosy ass bitch so I can walk into the mall with $300 and walk out with a cinnamon sugar pretzel and lemonade from Auntie Anne's. I sincerely HATE the mall. Plus I hate teenagers and the groups of boys that tried to put on fresh jays just to go to the mall or the girls who wore heels to find a man at the mall, with no bills in their pocket, y'know The Try Harders.

Weed -
I really think if people smoked more they'd see the beauty in the world and not have ulcers or stress over things that aren't stress worthy. While I was smoking about a dub in a honey dutch, I'm sitting on the porch watching the rain pour over the trees and I was just reflecting on life and how beautiful and serene nature can be. AND I HATE NATURE!

The color yellow -
I really have self-debates over whether I like the color yellow. In a line up of the colors red, orange, blue and yellow, I'd pick yellow. But I prefer flourescent yellow over goldenrod. I like the neon version of yellow but most other yellows are just plain ugly to me. RANDOM: I have a yellow buddah on my keys.

Grape vodka -
Has been sitting on the coffee table in my room since I came back from school and I haven't finished it yet. Now it's staring at me.

Pimples -

Converse - Chuck Taylors -
They never look good fresh out the box. They need like the perfect amount of scuffs on the word "All Star" and dirt on the toe. So they look used.

I wish I knew how to just like be a good student and get good grades in school. I have no focus or something. I always start out good and every new semester I'm always like "Yeah, This year you're gonna DO ITTT GIRL! You're gonna get all A's and go to office hours and study in the library." But it's always the 2nd month into the semester I start fuckin up. It's really starting to blow mine because I wanna brag about my GPA but my shit is booty butt cheeks right now =[ FML!

Zoe Kravitz -

The mute button -
Is a priority button on the remote. Why is it always so hidden? I press mute more than I turn the volume up or down.

Followers/Following -
I LOVEEE YOU, FOLLOWERS!!!! I wish some of you would comment more. But it's all G. I'm just gonna assume some of u are shy or something LOL. And I follow people like it's my job. I think I need to fall back on the follow button. =X

I'm done. I understand many people will not read this because this shit is random as hell. Love you if you read this!
Toodles, noodles.


There's somethin about Tawny.... said...

random indeed, lol. but the mall thing is true!!! :)

A.R. said...

gimme your tumblr link.

s a s h a said...


♥ Kristina ♥ said...

this ish is random like no other, but you definitely speaking the truth. i work at the mall and you can tell who's who and where each person shops. i shop at some of those places but you def. spoke the truth when it comes to the urban outfitters nigs and hollisters & abercrombies and fitch, can't forget them.

used to smoke but had to give it up. after awhile i just wasn't feeling it.

girl, i have been wondering the same thing when it comes to pimples and breakouts....i have hit and passed puberty already why is it still fucking with me...leave me alone pimples...LoL=]

Girl, being a good student is hard work. I do understand where you are coming from since i did eff up this past semester in some classes.

hope all is well with ya!

A.R. said...

lol @ try harders.

Kim said...

i love auntie annies!!
& um, who the hell wears heels to the mall? lmao.

Frankie Nichelle said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! re: the mute button!