Wednesday, May 6, 2009

all the randomness.

Shots of Bacardi Peach Red, a L with my FAVEEEEEE 2 smoking buddies & Wendy's chicken nuggets easily substitutes for tequila and tacos. (...I guess)

Still shots of the mythical "lost" Spaceship vid.
-*calling pre-hype 'Ye fans* Over here guys!

via: 2dopeboyz

I need ideas of something to get my mommy for Mudders day! I HATE the fact that it's the wknd before my bday. That blows! Moms tryna steal my shine!

OHHH! And GOD willing, I'll get my package before my bday and... well I'll post pics for yall.

Now... onto more random thoughts:

-- I hate that girls in my school are wearing lacefronts like it's the new black. WTF?!

-- The semester ends soon and this is my last year @ Willy P -sadface-


-- I am HIDEOUSSSSSSSSS during allergy season. Shades on smash ALL DAY!

-- Outta control: A bitch goes nuts when she gets her paycheck! How's half my shit gone already?

--Poop. (That was REAL random.)


supreme. said...

this has nothing to do with your post but i'm coming to jersey on june 30th. <3

Vlad said...

That chick look like she got a fatty and damn i wished they would of came out with a Spaceship video that was jam....espeacially when i was workind at Mickey D's and i quit lol