Friday, May 8, 2009

realist shit i ever wrote.

I just got done from finishing my last final and the feeling is pretty much bittersweet.

The semester's over and all I see is niggas moving bins and TVs out of their room and I just get this overwhelming feeling of "whatthefuck".

Idk bc this year is def. different because from here I'm moving to (wack ass)North Carolina. That shit really makes the end of this semester totally different. I'm not gonna have my same suitemate, Vanessa, that I've known since highschool. I'm not gonna even gonna have the comfort of knowing that I went to highschool with A SHITLOAD of people that I go to school with anymore. I'm not gonna see the familiar weed-smokers in "the back" anymore. It all just makes me feel so unsure about everything. =[

Whatever though, I guess everyone has to move out of their comfort zone sometime in life right?

Then on top of that, it's my bff's bday today. And the fact that her bday is 8 days before mine, I always have this mini-crisis around this time because I just feel like a whole 'nother year has passed.

Ugh it's all good. Ima puff a lil and get over this shit asap!
Have a good evening everyone!

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supreme. said...

you'll be fine honey, things will work out for the best.