Monday, May 11, 2009

i'm probably in the sky, flying with the fishes.

hii everybody.

-- i don't understand why some chicks do the shit they do. like my friend who RANDOMLY pops her booty when we're around dudes & shit thinking it's cute. shit makes her look thirsty, and it just gets real awkward @ times.

-- mothers day aint shit when your mommy's not in the same state.

-- Will people finally stop acting like smoking weed is so taboo if when they legalize it?

-- I wanna see this "Drag Me to Hell" movie.

-- I just murdered a chicken parm sandwich. MMMmmmMMmmmmMMMMMMmmmmmmm! (And I'd love a cold ass Peach Snapple to wash it down with.

I'm out. I'm getting the best head massage right now that I know is bouta put me down.


Super Woman said...

So Ummm.... LMAO You have my shirt on in the pic over there. The Hellz Bellz Jump Off. Yeah Thats My Shit.

And i bet you 5$ that drag me to hell movie aint gonna be scary. It dont look scary at all.

and that would be one friend i pretended not to fucking know ...Nuh Unnn

supreme. said...

poppin' ass? ew.

s a s h a said...

lthat drag me to hell shit look soo dumb
because u cant pay ya bill.. n im doing my job U wanna fuck me over?? smhhh

fuck tht lmao

as for random booty pops.. nahhh mane

lalaliybean said...

lol maybe i'm a bad movie picker because that shit looks good as hell to me.

E-Rich said...

I like the idea of Drag Me to Hell because it looks like an actual horror movie. All that Saw and Hostel shit sucked ass. Horror isn't someone guts falling out, it's actually being afraid.

Lol @ your friend popping her butt around dudes. On a serious note, that's how you get sexually assaulted.

>:| <--Serious face.

Nana said...

Yo you put a curse on someone because they were taking away your house....that's some evil stuff. I wish I can put a curse on my landlord so he can fix up this place.

t.t. stacey said...

"& it just gets real awkward at times.." haha
& Snapple is my ishh

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

Now why the hell would your friend be doing that around dudes? That ish is not cute and you are right, it does make her look thirsty I would definitely pretend not to know her.

People make weed sound taboo because it's something no one wants to admit to doing since it's illegal and what not. Eventually it will be legal, but who knows when....