Monday, May 4, 2009

10 thing's i'll never do.

* Harem pants: Idgaf how many runways these shits are on. This is a NEVER EVER! Plus I hate "trendy" things, that's so corny.

* Pop pills: I'm not a pill poppin animal!... (but I'm a syrupppp sippin' niggaaaa!!!)

Sike with the syrup comment. I'm not fuckin with that either.

* Eat pussy: EWKKKKK! I will punch a bitch dead in her clit.

* Steal from Grandma: Not to say that I'd steal from anybody else but when you steal from your grandma you've reached an all time low. (Yeah, that's my REAL grandma.. and she's DAF! [dopeasfuck])

* Do anything outside of my house completely naked: Everybody don't need to know about all this.

* Strip: I mean... for the public, that is.

*Eat chicken livers: OMG! Even thinking about it makes me gag. Idk how people do it. I'll starve before I eat that shit.

* Fuck a family member: Do I even need to explain this one?
(My bad ass/weed smoking/tag-teaming cousins)

* Shave my head: Or half my head.. or any of my head. Cassie looks bangin but I don't have the face (or the good hair that's gonna grow back) for that.

* Cheat on my man: Karma's a bitch yanno? Plus I have a heart, and that shit is just sleazy.

What about YOU? What will you never do?


simone_dior said...

those harem pants are quite trife looking. Like someone took a massive dump in their pants and left it there. yick

ABC said...

Your lists matches mine. How do ppl even find shoes or anything else to match harem pants, soon as lil wayne fades out niggas'll go back to saying they don't eat pussy, chicken livers or any livers are nasty, cheating it's just a moral thing, i wouldn't cheat....

Kim said...

yo was that real vagina? omfg...i hope that's fake. lol.

Marie said...

that shit did look like a real pussy though! lol. *clears throat* i cant even do a post like this as a reply cuz every time i say i will "never" do something, i end up doing it sometime down the road. its as if God is tryna tell me to stop acting like i can tell the future. i like this post though