Monday, April 27, 2009


wknd recap:
Thurs. -- Aydin's Lounge was cheeks so me & vanessa left around 1, came back, split a L and I stayed up until 6am listening to music (see previous post)
Fri. -- Chilling with the fam.
Sat. -- Party hopping with the best, saw X, Bacardi, Flying down the highway. I got drunk as HELLLL because I was downing shots of bacardi and I only had 6 pc. chicken nuggets from Mickey D's all day.. UGHH! Never again. I went to 2 diff. parties (1 that X invited me to and 1 that an old hs friend invited me to) Then I met back up wit X and chilled at his house until 4:30-ish.
Today!! -- Jersey Gardens Mall (I hate). With my aunt & cousin. Then I came back to school and they had lazer tag. =] It was sooo fun!

Today was like 80+ degrees. I was all bitchy and PMS-y but idgaf. I clearly can't be in the company of large crowds during "that time." And the fucking stifling weather didn't help either. Now I cannot get to sleep because I keep sneezing and blowing my nose. It's fcking DISGUSTING and I just wanna chop my nose off. :x) LOL

Hmm.. haven't done one of these in a while...
weekley obsessions and confessions:
week of april 19, 2008- april 25, 2008:

- Snapple Green Tea
- silver nail polish
- the store Five Below
- Love Story - Big Sean
- grape dutches & rolling my blunts so that they burn SUPER DUPER SLOWWWWW.
- warm nights =]

- Umm.. I feel like I might be developing a thing for X! We have SOOOO much in common (music, weed, spontaneity, personality) and I know him well already. Plus, his hazel/green eyes are dreammmyyy lol! But I'm not gonna "put all my eggs in one basket" this go 'round because that ALWAYS fucks me upppp (jerry, D)! Never again.

*The semester's coming to an end and.. ugh I don't even wanna think about it... I'll get depressed.
*One of my old buddies from highschool got drafted for the NFL! I'm so happy for him. I remember when I was a student athletic trainer and all these scouts and shit used to come visit him and magazines used to take pics of him doing weird shit like pushing big ass tires across the field lol. And he was a really sweet guy too. I wish him the best.

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what a weekend, lol.