Monday, April 27, 2009

*insert extreme, excessive laughter here* CATCH OUR VAPORS, YOU B!TCHE$.

brought to you by BellaMafia, Quack-a-fella Records Incorporated by Rhyme Syndicate Three-Yellowman Trillionaire Club.

And the purple pumpkin eaters is coming to eat ALLLLL you motherfuckers!

Ok, why is he so close to the camera? I can count the boogers in his nose.
and REALLY...? all that yelling at the end? LMFAO crackheads are shot the fuck out.


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Carter said...

LMBAO Bella Monfia 3 Yellow men 3 trillionaire CLub.....Im dyin....Ole Richiard Pryor Half brother ass nigga....Stay off That Pipe...Mike epps uncle...sorry i gotta steal this blog