Tuesday, April 7, 2009

it don't matter who ya iz miss, you ca' get da bizznizz.

Every Girl video on deck. You already know who all is in this video so no need for the roll call.

Video's def. recession-ish: 1 car, hella videohoezz & YM and it looks like they're in a empty lot. Plus the commentary and thought bubbles & shit reminds me of Luda's What Them Girls Like video. But whatever. Another case of "HOT song, Mediocre vid." P.S. I think it would be bomb if Nikki Minaj popped up on a rmx of this. [just a sugg]

I think Milan from College Hill is such a cute chick! And I feel bad cause Terri was tryna dogg her during their lil fight. Be what she may, video hoe or whatever, she's banginnn.

^ She's giving the ill "Bitch PLZ!" face right hurr.

Finally, 'Ye hopped on the track with Bey for the Ego remix. Somethin' lite.


BarbieVomitx said...

Response back to My Kid Cudi blog: Haha I know, I'm that type of person too. I didn't even recognize him at all but my b-f did and he has a big mouth AH-HAH :P

MISS BEE said...

Totally agree, I think Milan is one of the best looking chicks on this show, I recently did a blog referring to that epsiode when Milan & Terri got into it. Milan kind of looks like Angle Lola Luv a little bit.

supreme. said...

lol @ recession-ish.