Saturday, April 4, 2009

don't you twitterstand? i just "twoted" all over the place!

Current found a way to embody my disgust with twitter. LMFAO! It's hilariouss.

My Twitter history:
I. I made a twitter account. Random people followed me for their personal exposure or something.
II. I deleted my account.
III. I made another account like last week just so I could feel cool to have "Twitterberry" on my blackberry.
IV. I'm probably gonna delete it tomorrow.

Anyways, here's the funniest thing you'll see all week:


There's somethin about Tawny.... said...

yeah i'm soooo ANTI-twitter. it disgusts me how everyone just follows the cows....i mean whatever happened to having a little privacy??

There's somethin about Tawny.... said...

(had to comment again cause i just watched the video).....

LMAO! as funny as that was, its also kinda disturbing because alot of people act exactly like this...super detached from the real world, twittering about EVERY pointless detail of EVERYTHING.

i'm bout to repost it...people really need to see this! lol

supreme. said...


[Alex]. said...

omg "it's the FAIL WHALE!!!" *DEAD*

too hilarious. still, i'm a twitterer yet. IMO it's pretty much like a blog: you type things about yourself and put them out for the world to see. only twitter is primarily in present-tense, and it's kinda sentence-by-sentence instead of one big entry. lol, plus i like shouting stuff about myself into the void, that's what my blog's for too.

but seriously...the fail whale had me was STUPID funny.

sidebar: wtf happened to all the funny Word Verification words?...blogger's fucking with my system...