Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Trey is making skinny-muscular dudes look good.

Here's the vid for "Brand New", the song I posted a while back. It seems like producers got off with making a low budget video but I love the song so I'm disregarding the "club scene" look of it all.

-- * D slept over last night.

-- I went in yesterday @ the gym again. And now I'm about to eat some carrot sticks because I really want them, despite the fact that I'm extremely allergic to carrots.

Ohh well..let's hope my throat doesn't close up & I die.
Here's a pic: (bc I'm bored -- I know I look a lil bummy. Who cares? Sue me.)


supreme. said...

aw, you look so cute liybean.

lalaliybean said...

thx babess<3