Monday, March 30, 2009

she's bold .

turning hoes to housewives.
Amber Rose on LIP SERVICE. Letting us know where she puts her mouth.

I really wanna hate this bxtch, cuz.. ya' know, she's with my man and all. But I can understand why Ye's hittin that. She's badd as hell. *rolls eyes* WHATEVER!

Random Thoughts:


supreme. said...

she needs to get up off our man. =/

[Kvn]. aka AlexP. said...

THAT'S the chick he's fuckin?!

i'm sorry, and who exactly was it that doubted this dude's sexuality?

hottest chick i seen rockin a baldy in a minute.

what's wrong with twitter? i mean, besides the name and words like "twigga" or "set twippin" (that i loathe SOOO much), it's pretty nifty. it's like global IM, with family and celebs and friends all on the same plane. good place for struggling emcees like me to network.

wow, they need to give me a job. i make 'em look GOOD. lol.

lalaliybean said...

@ adina -- i agree. but at least he's not with frumpy hoe lol.

@ kvn -- idk i just dont see the point in constantly updating others. and it's really bothering me that it's taking over the fckn world!!!! >=[