Saturday, March 28, 2009

good dude, you know i love you like cooked food.

Wshew, spent the day and night with my umm.. fuck buddy, boyfriend, boo, friend, idk what to call him because all of the aforementioned don't apply because we're either not at that stage yet or past it (no, not the fucking).

Point is, we're making progress and "It's nice" *Borat voice*

I ate fast food EVERYDAY this week for some odd reason but what's even odder is that i lost 2 pounds too! ... Weird. But today I'm resurrecting my gym grind. I went in and did 406 calories today (not including the walk to and from the gym and the unknown weight room calories burned).

My car is fucked up because of that stupid jumper cable issue I had. I'm sooo frustrated. But luckily "D" was there to help me out so that's why we spent the day together and then we went back to his apartment and kicked back for the rest of the night.

I hafta take my baby to the shop on Tues and for some odd reason I feel like this is gonna be another $200 issue. SMH.. cars bug me.

I hafta start sending my apps to JC Smith, Winston-Salem State and UNCC on Mon. and I am SO fckn unenthusiastic about that. ughhh!!! *DIESS*!

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supreme. said...

i hope you get your car fixed, babe.